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November 16, 2017
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Don't rule out an Infiniti Q50. I think it's a better value than the Merc and Acura. Looks much better as well.

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Originally Posted by Ulysses.S.Grant1882 UPDATE: My brother and I went to test drive the two cars, I had him sit in the passenger seat and tell me what he thinks of the ride. What I noticed wast that after doing a set of sharp U Turns in an empty parking lot with each car is that the TLX handled much better you could hardly feel the turns whereas on the C300 both my passengers were complaining about how dizzy it was making them and the wheel even started to screech at one point. Also the seats on the TLX had a ton of cushioning and great support and comfort, on the C300 it felt like I was sitting on a rock the seats were extremely hard and uncomfortable. Finally, when both cars were in sport mode the acceleration was very different; in the TLX it was very smooth whereas on the C300 it was very sudden and nailed me to my seat but the second I took my foot off the gas the car immediately made me lean forward because it slowed down rapidly.

All in all I can't see myself driving the C300 long distance it's just very uncomfortable but I can definetly see myself doing that with the TLX.

With the back to back test drive, I think you found your answer.

Enjoy your TLX! They are very nice!

(PS, your impressions of the C300 sound like the same thing that left me cool to a 2010 I drove and considered buying a couple years back).

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Originally Posted by MckinneyOwnr Personally, I would go with the Acura. It does offer more bang for the buck in the short term, and you will *probably* have slightly better resale value than the Mercedes. The C class does hold it's value better than the E and S classes though.

But Acuras aren't the kings of reliability either. Acura is Honda's luxury marquee so they cram their latest technostuff into them... which may not be fully tested and reliable. We've found this out with our current MDX, and I'll be perfectly honest... if it wasn't for the ability to seat 7 when needed and the entertainment package, we'd have already gotten rid of it for another Cayenne. It just isn't as solid of a vehicle as I like to drive, and the annoying little problems that keep popping up (TPMS, wheel bearings, upper strut mounts) have soured me on the overall quality considering it only has about 45k on it.

I'd be pretty ticked off if a wheel bearing went out that early on a luxury vehicle, or any vehicle for that matter.

Anyway, I have been looking at the Acura TLX with AWD myself, although this is the first year they've come out and I am thinking I might want to buy next years model hoping they have worked out some of the kinks. Overall, it seems like a pretty good value for what's in it, at the lower end luxury level.

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I am leery of Consumer Reports opinions on the reliability of the Regal compared to the Acura. I get CR magazine and I checked the customer survey reliability ratings for the Regal and it was actually pretty low. Acura had much higher satisfaction ratings from actual consumers over the last few years. I don't know why CR is giving that opinion when their own survey results say the opposite.

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Originally Posted by Ulysses.S.Grant1882

I'd hate to necro my thread but you do bring up an interesting point; isn't Buick for old people, I mean I really don't wanna drive the same brand my grandpa drives

Who do you think is driving MBs and Acuras? Fresh college grads?

I couldn't find demographic data for Acura, but the average buyer age of MB and Buick is only 3 years apart (56 vs 59). Yet you had no compunction considering an MB, so why is Buick automatically out of contention?

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