Mercedes Benz C300 Service b

June 14, 2017
C300 #39;B#39; Service Kit
$690 is too high. Dealer I am guessing told you this. At my indi shop is in the high $300 usually. Find a good indi shop in your area to do the work. You will not void the extended warranty. That can be done if you have work done at a shop/dealer that is not listed in the warranty. Service and upkeep work is not the same. Service B also includes the following:
- Inspect windshield wiper inserts and service windshield washer system (Replacement of wiper inserts additional*).
- Inspect and rotate tires, record tread depth, and correct tire pressure. (Wheel balance additional*).
-excludes AMG, Sports Models, SLK, and vehicles
with staggered wheels
- Engine oil change and oil filter replacement
-Includes Mobil 1 synthetic oil
- Lubrication service
- Includes hood hinges, lock cylinders, striker
plates, sun roof tracks and top off all fluids
- Cooling system inspection
- Includes antifreeze protection level, hoses and
- Brake inspection
- Includes check of pad thickness and condition of
discs, fluids and lines
- Inspect heating and ventilation dust filter, replace if needed. (Replacement additional*. Dust filter prices vary by model)
- Function check
- Includes warning lamps, headlights, exterior lights, seat belts, windshield wiper and washer
- Inspect and lubricate throttle linkage
- Check and clean air filter
- Reset flexible service system counter
- Inspect front axle ball joints; check steering play and power steering clutch; and rear differential levels
- Inspect Poly V-Belt for condition
- Inspect starting and charging system and service battery
- Inspect climate control refrigerant
Mercedes Benz C300 Service A Reset
Mercedes Benz C300 Service A Reset
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