Mercedes Benz Sprinter Minibus

July 2, 2017
Mercedes benz sprinter bus

sprinter custom mini coachWhile there are literally dozens, possibly hundreds of configurations for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van, My clients are amazed at the performance and durability of the product line as well as the overall cost of owner ship being less than its competitors regarding the Sprinter Mini Bus.
Many American Transportation businesses are not accustomed to associating Mercedes-Benz commercial vans with their business models. That is evolving day by day in the US market as Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is starting to get major traction and much deserved recognition.
I have a client right here in Boston that has been slowly getting away from their Ford turtle tops and their GM products. Not only are those two competitors extremely old in styling, technology and lack of fuel economy.

They still produce more emissions than the Mercedes-Benz Mini Coach. By replacing aging units from vehicles that have a service life of 125000 to 175000 and get anywhere from 7 to 11 MPG and taking an amazing leap from 19 to 22Mpg with the 4cylinder Diesel with the 7Gtronic transmission. That’s around a , 000 per year fuel savings per year.

mercedes minibus interiorWith a fleet of 25, that’s 0, 000.00 per year. That’s pure profit my friends. Not to mention your Sprinter service life will be 1.5 to 2 times its closest competitor. The way I see it, there is not a more educated option.
The Sprinter Mini Bus, once again can be built in most any fashion that a client can imagine to help save $$$ on their business model as well as make an exceptional customer experience for their clientele. With seating up to 17, including the driver.

Could this be the next hot bus for 21st Century? It appears that Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles are trending at a strong rate of growth year over year.
Why would anyone want to be in the Livery or transportation industry in this day and age and NOT do whatever it takes have the best image. By having a fleet second to none, leaving the least amount of emissions behind, as well as paying for less service as well as minimizing their fuel consumption and adding to the bottom line of their business every day.
Although the sky is the limit in the aftermarket world, there are a limited companies in the US that produce Sprinter Mini coaches. You can buy a factory Daimler Bus from Mercedes-Benz, but the fit and finish has much to be desired in many instances. With a factory build, the Mini Bus is fairly bland in its finishes as well as emitting more of a utilitarian essence. The aftermarket builders like Royale Limousine, in Haverhill Massachusetts, can make your fit and finish more customized to suite all of your needs.

You can order a Mini Coach through me with an electric out swinging bus door, or a standard sliding door, depending on what type of clientele you are chauffeuring.
Just to set the record straight, the Sprinter Van, once again, tops the charts again with its Best-In-Class fuel economy, Best-In-Class maintenance cost, Best-In-Class cargo capacity and Best-In-Class interior standing, not to mention a lengthy list of other awards.

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