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July 12, 2016
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Mercedes-Benz MB-Tex Upholsery

What is MB-Tex Seat Upholstery?

When you purchase a luxury car, there are certain things you expect. Cutting edge technology, supreme comfort and premium performance are certainly among them. Often times, people also include leather upholstery in that conversation. While it’s true that some Mercedes-Benz models offer leather seat trim as a standard feature and every model has leather upholstery has an option, many Mercedes-Benz models come standard with MB-Tex upholstery. To help you understand exactly what that means, we’ll answer the question “What is MB-Tex upholstery?” and explain how it stacks up against leather.

MB-Tex seat upholstery is a form of vinyl material used in many Mercedes-Benz base trims. The material looks and feels a lot like like actual leather, and is occasionally mistaken with the real thing. To the trained eye, however, there are noticeable differences. Although MB-Tex may not have the prestige of genuine leather seat upholstery, many drivers actually prefer the less expensive seat trim for a few reasons.

MB-Tex vs. Leather upholstery

MB-Tex is generally easier to clean and maintain than leather. When cleaning leather seats, they must be properly treated and conditioned to maintain their luster. Cleaning MB-Tex upholstery is quicker and easier, as it takes no more than a basic vinyl seat cleaner and brush. MB-Tex material also is less susceptible to cracking and sun damage than leather upholstery, although Mercedes-Benz treats its leather seats to prevent those issues. Additionally, it’s not made from animal hide, which may or may not be a factor for you to consider.

Of course, the benefits of leather are widely understood among luxury car shoppers. While it may cost you a little extra, the look, feel and even the smell of properly cared for leather gives the air of prestige many consumers desire. Throughout Mercedes-Benz trims, there are various tiers of leather upholstery, the best of which is designo leather. Additionally, upgrading to leather seats in a new Mercedes-Benz is often part of a the Premium Package, which will equip your car with a number of other features.

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