Bleak future for Talleys dispute

May 12 Protest

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Even after 10 weeks of worker protests, the Affco-meatworkers dispute is not looking into any sort of resolution anytime soon.

The dispute stemmed from over pay along with the working conditions of the 1000 union workers in eight plants. This was of no surprise to anyone who is the meat industry.

The protagonists in this whole debacle are the Talley family and the Meatworkers Union. Although they seem to be very resilient in their protests, the force that they give off seems to have no effect whatsoever on the seemingly immovable object that they are after.

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 Bitter Talleys dispute no closer to resolution

Both of these group or protesters have fearsome reputations. The Talley’s is seeing a rising trend on this reputation while Meatworker’s Union seems to be on the wane.

The union was once a dominant force on the New Zealand industrial landscape. But since the loss of compulsory membership under the Employment Contracts Act in 1991 its influence has gradually declined.

At Affco plants, and others around the country, union membership is less than half of the workforce.

Apart from what, in comparison with the Affco dispute, have been minor skirmishes in recent years, the union says it has had relatively trouble-free relations with plant owners, including annual negotiations over pay.

The increased shares of the Talley family, though, are bound to change at Affco.

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